Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan

• Classical Yang Style •

Maintaining the Integrity of the True Essence of Martial Art and our Students

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Martial Art that strives to cultivate the mind and the body through martial training, meditation and exercise.

When practiced regularly, Tai Chi provides extraordinary health benefits, improves balance, flexibility and strength while calming the spirit and reducing stress.

Much of Tai Chi is practiced in a slow, mindful way which provides a good workout without inflicting high impact stress on the body. This makes Tai Chi accessible to everyone, including those recovering from injury or suffering from joint conditions. However, some of the more advanced forms of Tai Chi Chuan involve explosive movements and are focused much more on the martial aspects of the art.

Here at the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan we provide a variety of classes suited to all, regardless of age, mental or physical ability. Our students include and have included:

• Martial Arts practitioners
• Security firm and doormen training
• Seated Tai Chi and Tai Chi for rehab and recovery
• Senior citizens and people with mobility issues

We provide separate structured classes suited to the needs of the student, be it stress management, mind/body conditioning, or to the Martial Artist moving on to this, the highest of all Martial Arts.

We provide specialist one to one sessions and motivational sessions for groups, including training to guide your staff though basic Tai Chi exercises for patients, pupils or your workforce.

There is no membership fee.
No equipment to buy.
No waiting for a beginner's class to start.

Just contact Paul for an informal chat before being placed in the class that will fit your needs.
• Established in 2002 by •
Paul Florkowski
☎ 07708 896334