Instructor information

Paul Florkowski

Teacher and Founder
07708 896334

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Paul has been practicing and teaching Tai Chi Chuan since 1995 and founded the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan in 2002. He is passionate about maintaining the essence of Old Yang Style Tai Chi, a rarer line passed down through Yang Shou-hou, the brother of Yang Cheng-Fu.

Paul has also been teaching a private group called simply: 'Martial Arts - Principles and Applications'. In this group he has taught instructors and practitioners from various martial arts backgrounds, including Kung-fu, Ju-jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo and Aikido, and also security professionals.

Due to the material taught, there will be a casual, informal interview for applicants.

Larry Jones

Student Teacher
07579 965016

I've been studying tai chi under Paul's guidance since 2010 learning the depth and integrity of tai chi as a martial art.

Alongside these studies I take regular classes with Painting the Rainbow learning how to translate the accuracies of an authentic tai chi into something more relaxed for the student less interested in disciplined study, and still interested in a pro active participation in good health.

My primary motivation in teaching tai chi is to inspire those in physical and emotional recovery, those wishing to enjoy a more engaged retirement, and the potential beginner who needs a gentle introduction to the study of tai chi chuan.

Please feel free to contact me directly should you wish to discuss further how tai chi could well be just what the doctor ordered, or contact Paul to discuss which classes would suit your needs best.

Steven Kidd

Student Teacher
07850 018763

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan - The River Room

I will be teaching students the Yang Cheng Fu long form, qigong, push hands and various martial drills and applications to further the students' understanding of the form. There will also be a strong focus on good stance work, breathing, posture and alignment.

Available for private sessions either at Halton Mill or a suitable space. Please contact me directly for further information. Students who are more advanced are advised to contact Paul Florkowski for further training. Thank you.