Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan

At the Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan we practice Classical Yang Style Tai Chi and teach a full range of exercises and drills to create a well rounded Tai Chi syllabus.

We try hard to maintain the integrity and essence of Tai Chi Chuan as a traditional martial art. As such there is no 'end goal'. There is enough substance to the study of Tai Chi to last many life times.

There are no gradings and no pressure is placed on practitioners to rush. Instead everyone is encouraged to take their time developing their understanding and skill.

We teach a wide range of warm up exercises, Qi Gong, pushing hands, self defence applications, joint locks and holds, meditation, breathing exercises and traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form (both the Yang Cheng-fu form and the Yang Lu-ch'an form) and the small San Sau and Pao Chui forms. More advanced students go on to learn the dao (broadsword) and jian (straight sword) forms.

No special clothing or equipment is required, just wear comfy, loose clothing. However, for safety reasons, we would ask that any jewellry be removed before starting each class.

• Established in 2002 by •
Paul Florkowski
☎ 07708 896334