Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan

Women's Self-Defence with Maya

Practical Self-Defence and Fitness

Weekly Classes:
St. Paul's Parish Hall, Scotforth
Saturday 2-3:30PM

It is all in the title, this class is for women only. The focus of this class is purely learning and developing practical self-defence skills, whilst improving health, awareness, fitness and confidence. Maya's aim is to help and empower women through this practice.

The areas covered will be:

• Raising awareness of yourself and your environment

• Working primarily on fast escapes from the potential attacker - from various grabs and punches

• Basic drills of punches, elbows, knees and kicks

• Developing fast reflexes, hand-eye coordination and flexibility

Maya started training at the age of 5 in Shotokan karate, under the umbrella of the Karate Union of Great Britain. Taught by Keith Robinson (5th dan), Andrea Carbon (2nd dan) and several other karateka. At the age of 11 shie achieved her 1st dan black belt under Andy Sherry (8th dan) and Frank Brennan (7th dan), also refereed by Matt Price (5th dan), world and European champion.

At the age of 12 she also started training under her father, Paul, the founder and head teacher of Lancaster School of Tai Chi Chuan. Maya also trained in Paul's Martial Arts - Principles and Applications group. at the age of 13 she decided to fully dedicate her practice to her father's teaching. She trained with an all-adult group, 95% of which were male, most of which have many years of martial arts experience.

Maya has trained consistently, steadily progressing to become the senior student of the group at age 18. In December 2022 she gained her advanced qualification with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain and is an instructor member. Maya has a good practical knowledge of the traditional Yang family Taiji, traditional empty-hand forms, partner forms, pushing hands and many fighting principles and applications.

"I believe all women should have at least some basic self-defence skills!"
- Maya